SUR M'ALE GOBROS! Illustrations inspired by vintage LEGO sets, by XULM and Surpiko



Why are you doing this?
Because of the sheer, crazy love for LEGO.
Why won't you put photos of original
sets alongside your art?
We believe that guessing which set of your childhood it is (or what it looks like if it wasn't one of yours) is part of the fun!
We provide set number in every illustration, though.
Did you really own all those LEGO sets you draw when you were young?
Sadly, no. Most of them are sets we dreamed of, yet never got.
Where are you from?
We both live in Poland (yet still over 200km apart)
What's the age difference between you?
Przemek's eleven years older.
Are you going to sell prints of your LEGO art?
We'd love to! But we're not doing that yet.
Maybe someday.
Do you draw other things beside Sur m'ale Gobros?
Yeah! We're doing a lot of fan works for different franchises, commercial art and animation and a heavy amount of personal projects.
A lot of it is viewable on the Internet!
We have a Surma Bros facebook fanpage that aggregates various stuff from both of us, as well as our own websites: and Surpiko blogspot.
I would like to contact you, how exactly should I do that?
Any way you like! You can message us on Facebook, send an email to mlux at (or just comment here)!

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